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Sakura was one of my favorite places to eat in till today. 1. Staff was really rude. 2. My husband and I were there for 45 minutes waiting for our food and they haven’t started cooking it yet.. 3. My husband and I were they first people there and the hibachi chef started cooking for different people instead of us who was waiting 45 minutes. Thanks to Sakura I found Basil today 11/28/2019 Now on for Holidays, anniversary, birthday. Basil is now getting my husband and I Service.
Vincent David Easton
Absolutely worst experience i have ever had in Williston. Sunday staff were rude and non existent for service. We were greeted with a shrug at the doorway and then treated like a nuisance at the bar for 2 beer. This is why Basil is the top bar restaurant in town, that establishment is happy to make you feel welcome and invest your money in them, unlike this place
My boyfriend and I eat here a few times a week on average and each time we get the same rolls for ourselves and then a new one we haven’t tried to share and we have yet to be disappointed. Sushi is our favorite and you guys are better than places I’ve had along the coast honestly :) WAAAAY BETTER THAN Basil!!!! Sorry for being traitors it won’t happen again haha
Chase Hirdler
Good food! But when the server brings out unordered drinks and charges you for them after the fact really hurts the overall experience.