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They act like everything I ask is the first time anyone asked them that! All I wanted was to be jumped into an Asian steak house gang so that I have protection if I ever end up in prison! Just kidding.. I just wanted orange chicken and they wouldn't give it up. I know its in there dammit! I know you know what I'm talking about!
Matthew Douglass
Hello, I ordered lunch for delivery today. The delivery time has been changed to 12:45-1PM. Please call me to confirm 608.512.7312 Thank you
We came in for dinner tonight. At first all was good. Then we had to get every ones attenchen to get drinks refilled. Then it was having to ask twice to get a drink. Then we order and get are apitisers. All good there. Then are food. But you forget my nephews. Then we get told 3 minets then 5 minets then agen 3 minets. So we are not going to eat here for a while.
Sakura was one of my favorite places to eat in till today. 1. Staff was really rude. 2. My husband and I were there for 45 minutes waiting for our food and they haven’t started cooking it yet.. 3. My husband and I were they first people there and the hibachi chef started cooking for different people instead of us who was waiting 45 minutes. Thanks to Sakura I found Basil today 11/28/2019 Now on for Holidays, anniversary, birthday. Basil is now getting my husband and I Service.