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Cecilia A Wilson
Kids love it!
Melissa Hansen
I've been going there for 4 years for my bday this year my son told the waiter it was my bday he was not only rude to him but sushed him. I dont care if they know but the kids did and they never got the bday part they like watching.Then not only was he rude but charged us 222.15 for our Meal!!!!!! We added up the cost it should only have been around 130........... I'm so damn pissed and considering going to the police as we saw the waiter pocket a $20 then came back and tried telling us we forgot a $20 are you kidding me !!! The hibachi guy was super nice. If they don't give us our money back they owe us were taking it up with the police department in Williston.
Shawna Start
The food was amazing and everyone was fabulous!!!!
I love your restaurant! Great food!