Sakura Special

  • Ahi Pepper Tuna Salad

    • 14.95

    Sliced pepper tuna, avocado, spring mix served with onion dressing and wasabi aioli 

    Ahi Pepper Tuna Salad
  • Pork Bun

    • 12.95

    Lettuce, onion, pork belly with buns and gravy on the side 

    Pork Bun
  • Salt and Pepper Fried Calamari

    • 13.95
    Salt and Pepper Fried Calamari
  • Chicken Lettuce Wrap

    • 12.95

    Minced chicken, green pepper and crispy rice noodle with hoisin sauce 

    Chicken Lettuce Wrap
  • Japanese Style Fried Chicken

    • 18.95

    Sweet peas, broccoli, dried red pepper green onion with special spicy sauce 

    Japanese Style Fried Chicken
  • Tom Yum Soup

    • 7.95

    Squid, shrimp, green and red pepper, onion, bean sprout, scallion, cilantro 

    Tom Yum Soup
  • Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup

    • 15.95

    Cilantro, onion, scallion, bean sprout, jalapeno, basil lime, sliced beef, meat ball with cow bone broth 

    Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup
  • Sakura Ramen

    • 15.95

    Corn, egg, fishcake, scallion, bean sprout, seasonal pork belly with pork broth 

    Sakura Ramen
  • Penang Curry / Green Curry

    • Chicken 15.95
    • Shrimp or Beef 17.95
    • Scallop 19.95

    Green and red pepper, onion, asparagus, baby corn, potato, basil  

    Penang Curry / Green Curry
  • Pineapple Chicken

    • 17.95

    Green and red pepper, onion, pineapple 

    Pineapple Chicken
  • Pineapple Fried Rice

    • 15.95

    Sweet peas, carrots, onion, pineapple, raisin 

    Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Singapore Fried Noodle

    • Chicken 15.95
    • Beef or Shrimp 17.95

    Chinese cabbage, scallion, carrots, egg 

    Singapore Fried Noodle
  • Pad See Ew

    • Chicken 15.95
    • Beef or Shrimp 17.95

    Green and red pepper, asparagus, onion, sweet bean, baby corn, bean sprout 

    Pad See Ew
  • Pad Thai

    • Chicken 15.95
    • Beef or Shrimp 17.95

    Thai rice noodle, shredded onion, peppers, scallion, bean sprout, basil, egg with peanuts and lime wedge 

    Pad Thai
  • Roast Rack Lamb

    • 29.99

    Roast lamb with Japanese yakiniku sauce, asparagus, broccoli 

    Roast Rack Lamb
  • * Double Taste Roll

    • 15.99

    Spicy tuna, avocado inside, topped with big eye tuna, wild salmon and salmon egg with mango salsa sauce 

    * Double Taste Roll
  • * Mango Hawaii Roll

    • 15.99

    Salmon and avocado inside, seared smoke salmon on the top with fresh mango sauce 

    * Mango Hawaii Roll
  • * Funky Monkey Roll

    • 17.99

    Roasted eel and avocado inside, fresh salmon on the top, with spicy mayo, green onion and red tobiko 

    * Funky Monkey Roll
  • My Pink Lady Roll

    • 18.99

    Rock shrimp tempura, avocado, mango, spicy crabmeat inside with tempura flakes on the top with wasabi mayo and mango salsa 

    My Pink Lady Roll
  • Basil

    • Chicken 16.95
    • Beef or Shrimp 17.95

    Basil, green and red pepper, sweet bean, asparagus, baby corn 

Sakura Special
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